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Strategic Sales Training

Start at the sales conversation, and work backward to your revenue growth.

How are you managing your Sales Conversations?

The bottom line is what type of attention, practice, and critical dissection are you investing in the most important part of your rep's work?


Who is responsible for observing in real-time the way a rep interacts and a customer's genuine reactions?

Role Play

How often are you ensuring reps practice interactions so they are ready for "game day" scenarios?

Script Analysis

How are you dissecting your call recordings to gain insights reps can use for future calls?

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Differentiate Your Approach

Our sales conversation is the last differentiator in the age of consumer empowerment.

Product & Service

Legacy-solution selling focuses on items that every company boasts, becoming white noise to the client.

Metrics & KPIs

Metrics are important, but who cares how many dials there are if no one is deeply concerned about what is being said on the call?

Tech Stack

You have the same tools as your competitors, and your client doesn't care how well-groomed you've made your SFDC.

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What's Your Target?

We have so many ways to measure sales success, but human interaction is intangible.

Improved Sales Velocity

We mistakenly think measurable factors are the only ones that exist when your growth really lives in the conversations happening through the sales process.

Goal Attainment

Reps aren't hitting quota because they need to better understand their motivations/intentions and practice before connecting with the client.

Control of Sales Process

When we lose a client's interest by not earning the next meeting through value creation, that's when things go dark. It's not dials, it's delivery.

Delivering Revenue Growth

Making an impact one rep at a time...

5 / 5

Anything you see in me that you're proud of is just a reflection of the things you've done for me, genuinely. You changed my life and believed in me in a way I didn't believe in myself..."

Christian Allen - SaaS Sales Startup Consultant
5 / 5

Working with Peter was the most impactful sales education I have ever received. The training departments at large companies like AWS, Salesforce, and Meta can’t hold a candle to Peter Roccaforte.

Lindsay Bannister - Sr. Account Executive
4.5 / 5

Peter’s teachings go beyond how to execute sales strategies. He teaches the “how” and the “why” we do things, resulting in an organic transformation of speaking in outcomes and driving true value.

Giovanny Sanchez - Sr. Account Executive

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